Sporting Events

Lincoln has been known to host several big sporting events. This mostly occurs during football league events. Lincoln City FC are currently in Division 2. This means that football matches happen fairly often. When these occur there is a buzz of activity throughout the city.

This is worth keeping in mind if a person wants to stay overnight in Lincoln. Public transport can become overcrowded and delayed when a sporting event is taking place. This is due to an increase in the amount of people trying to get to the game.

This can also affect the roads. If people want to travel across the city by car they may find that lanes are blocked. It is worth knowing when these sporting events occur in order to prepare accordingly.

When a match is on, a visitor will often find football fans throughout the many pubs in the city. This is worth keeping in mind if tourists want to have a more quiet day out. It is also recommended that people do not wear the football shirts of rival teams during this time in order to prevent violent outbursts by hooligans.