Hotels in Lincoln; the Castle Hotel

From modern structures to its Roman beginnings, Lincoln boasts rich architecture. You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing where to stay in the city. From The Rest Hotel to Washingborough Hall to the Hilton Hotel, Lincoln has some of the finest hotels in the United Kingdom. However, there is one hotel which must appear, whenever a list of the best hotels in Lincoln is compiled. It is the Castle Hotel. Whether you’re looking for style, character, or exceptional service, this hotel has them all. Let’s dig deep.

Style and Character

Initially a Victorian school, this tall stone-mullioned and red-brick structure went through radical modernisation when it metamorphosed into a hotel, thanks to its current owners. Of course, not every original feature of this hotel has been wiped out. While it has contemporary elements, the hotel is a little bland. Giving the Castle Hotel a sassy, metropolitan look is its grey-panelled restaurant, which is highlighted by the silver decor. Whether you’re on a relaxing leisure or business trip, the hotel’s prime location makes it ideal for both.


With personable and bright staff, plus a rare free parking bonus, the hotel is one of a kind. If you fancy self-catering, rest assured to get it here. The service at the hotel is exceptionally administered by charming staff and is fast; it can only be compared to livi medical services, where your GP is just a phone call away. Indeed, you won’t wait too long to get service at the Castle Hotel.

Food and Drink

With online tools, knowing where to get your favourite food and drink has never been easier. When it comes to exquisite dining, this is one area where the Castle Hotel shines the most. Yes, you won’t find any food on Sunday evening, but why not pounce on your favourite, when you have all the time save for that one evening? The dining is creative, without being fussy. Roast plums, apricots, beetroot, parsnip puree, and duck liver parfait are all available. The wine list is complete with several options, including drinks from Israel and England. A decently cooked breakfast with a continental buffet will be a great way to start off your day.


The first and second floors house most of the rooms, which are well thought out, despite being a little compact. The rooms follow the same modish style of the hotel; dark-veneer furniture, soft coffees and greys, lamps and cushions with silver shots, etc. The rooms have black-and-white architectural photographs that add embellishment to their interior design. Each room has a cathedral view or overlooks the castle walls. The suite on the third floor is perhaps the best room. It has brick walls and exposed rafters, which add more character, and there is a window seat that is so lovely designed. You won’t hesitate to pay an extra pound for this room. Have you checked the bathrooms? They are shiny in white and charcoal.